Yamaha GP 2021 returns to Vietnam

Date posted on April 3, 2021
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This weekend, Vietnam is holding their second Yamaha GP event at the Can Tho River Park. It is one of the few racing events in Vietnam today. They already made one Yamaha GP event last December when they launched the Exciter 155 VVA.

Following a similar formula to the succesfull Philippine Yamaha GP that ran for 10 years, Yamaha Motor Vietnam hopes to do the same by finding and training young riders for international competition while at the same time demonstrating the performance and excitement of their products in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Yamaha GP features one make races for their Exciter 155 VVA and NVX 155. The races are also live streamed on their social media page.

You can watch it here https://www.facebook.com/congtyyamahavn/videos/1864109600403385/

Vietnam currently does not have a big local motorcycle roadracing following and Yamaha Vietnam hopes to change this in a few years, much like what Yamaha Philippines did here.

Yamaha Motor Vietnam
PresidentMr. Takeshi Yano

This is possible thanks to the efforts and vision of its President Mr. Takeshi Yano (Who happened to be a past YMPH President and the one who perfected the YGP formula for the Philippines).

The parking lot race track setup with motorshow, entertainment and spectator ammenities reminds us a lot of the races here and Vietnam riders now are finally enjoying this kind of grassroots racing event.

In a few years, we believe Vietnam riders will be challenging for the top spots in ASEAN racing as well.

Photos from Yamaha Motor Vietnam and Mr. Takeshi Yano.

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