Yamaha PH Riders More Motivated after ARRC Opener

Date posted on March 10, 2020
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After successfully taking a title in 2019, Filipino riders are much looked forward to in the Asia Road Racing Championship this year. The first round was a showcase of the determination and fighting spirit of McKinley Kyle Paz, Masato Fernando, Kerwin Chang and John Emerson Inguito. Challenges make them hungrier for the victory and they are now excited to do better in round 2. Meanwhile, here are Yamaha Motor Philippines’ press releases for the first round.

Race 1

The FIM Asia Road Racing Championship is back with another edition of triumphs. We dominated the track last season and this 2020, altogether, we can do it again.

With a brave heart, the UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team riders Chairman Masato Fernando and Kerwin Chang made an unmatched battle for their foes. Masato strived to claim the top spot and remain unbothered even when he has pushed aside numerous times. During the last couple of laps, he managed to be at an astonishing standing, he was almost there, an inch away from the podium yet the day had a different plan as he positioned at 9th.

Masato Fernando

Meanwhile, Kerwin, the team’s younger lad didn’t fail to give us an interesting battle. Even when he started in the 24th position, he swept away the two rivals and completed the race at the 22nd rank. His first ARRC experience made an impression of what it’s like to dream big and let passion take the action.

Kerwin Chang

Ruled the ARRC 2019 UB150 Class, Yamaha’s Wonderboy, Mckinley Kyle Paz took the Filipino pride higher as he stepped up to the SS600 category this season. With the supersport dominance of YZF-R6, Kyle Paz made his category debut. Started at the11thgrid position, he strategically race against his 15 rivals. This was the first time for the wonderboy to compete with a bigger and higher machine but then his mission to race our flag stay unsurpassed. Battling to go higher, he mastered to overshadow half of his opponents making him won the 8th rank, what a peerless start this season.

McKinley Kyle Paz

This season, the expectation intensifies so as the determination to defythe odds. These riders are fully fired up to race more tomorrow and that would be another battle of defending the dream we built since day one.

Race 2

We envision and we make it happen.

The UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team have gone a long way from the last season. From claiming the 2019 title, the team started a new history this 2020 with a higher presumption. Now, we’re down on the Race 2 of Round 1, and it was indeed a tough race for the Chairman Masato Fernando and Kerwin Chang.

Pursuing to be at a great position, Masato race his way up to the 6th rank. As the laps decreases, the competition easily went intense when Masato and two other riders encountered a misfit. But as the Chairman that he is, he stood up with his machine on the side and his unwearied spirit.

Masato Fernando

Continuing the race, Kerwin carried the Philippine team and didn’t disappoint when he stepped up from his starting grid position, leaving other rivals behind.

Kerwin Chang

Alongside Kerwin, there’s The Hitman John Emerson Inguito bearing the 4S1M Yamaha Racing Team, made a striking move by sweeping away other racers and steal the 5thstanding.

John Emerson Inguito

For the SS600 category, the Wonder Boy Mckinley Kyle Paz discovered more of himself for this round. Coming from the championship last year, all eyes are on Kyle. Knowing that this was the first time he competed in the Supersport category, Kyle and his YZF-R6 were also creating a bond that would last for the whole season. In the SS600 class, every rider is ablaze to reign the Race 2 that somehow resulted to a series of minimal mishaps that called for a red flag. Due to this, the 10 laps were down to 8, and our Wonder Boy was still thrilled to race. He succeeded to dominate, for the second time, half of his rivals making him at the 7th position. As a newcomer of this category, Kyle showed that he came back for more.

McKinley Kyle Paz

The result of the FIM ARRC Round 1 heightens the goal we’ve been pushing through and our riders are even more furious to take home the championship. We are just starting and we’ll be back for another narrative this Round 2 at The Bend Motorsport Park, Australia.

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