Yamaha R6 will be discontinued in 2021

Date posted on November 23, 2020
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After more than 20 years in production since 1999, the iconic 600cc supersport Yamaha YZF-R6 will be no more in 2021. Yamaha has announced that it will stop production of the R6 since it will not meet Euro 5 emission standards. It will no longer be sold as a road-legal machine.

However, in 2021 Yamaha will shift its focus for the Supersport R6 model exclusively into a track only version, the R6 RACE.

The iconic middle-weight supersport has trained and nourished many road racers around the world with its high revving engine and superb chassis.

In fact, it has filled the grid of many domestic supersport and superbike racing around the world including the Asia Road Race Championships and our very own PSBK, before the liter bikes were adopted.

Champion riders like Maico Buncio, Dashi Watanabe, Marvin Mangulabnan, Anthony Roman and even Toti Alberto and John Defensor raced R6 sometime in their career. Worldwide, many domestic club racers still ride R6s to this day.

“Dedicated for the track and race riding only, the R6 RACE boasts instant power, precision handling and razor-sharp cornering for a truly thrilling experience,” said Yamaha.

The R6 RACE will get a GYTR Electronic package with a lightweight wire harness and programmable ECU, AIS (Air Intake System) block off plates that will allow the R6 RACE to channel air directly through its large air intake and finally a full Titanium Akrapovic race exhaust.

With the special R6 GYTR kit, Yamaha hopes that everyone, from track day participants to national supersport championship contenders, can still enjoy and win on the track.

We are not sure if Yamaha Philippibes will vring the R6 RACE, but if you want a piece of roadracing history, better grab one while it is still on stock.

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Source: Yamaha Motorsports