Yamaha TMAX 20th Anniversary Launched in Europe

Date posted on March 4, 2021
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A few hours ago, Yamaha Europe virtually  launched the 20th Anniversary edition of its iconic and best selling Sport maxi-scooter the TMAX.

Priced at 14,699 GBPounds  or (Php997,942), the new Yamaha TMAX 20th Anniversary will be available exclusively in Europe via an Online Ordering System that is designed to be quick and easy to use. This system is due to go live on 31st March 2021

From Yamaha Europe:

Back in 2001 the original Yamaha TMAX opened up many exciting new possibilities that would transform the way we lived our lives. With its dynamic performance, class-leading comfort and outstanding high-speed stability, this iconic machine invented the Sport Scooter category.

So Yamaha created the Sport Scooter class. With its powerful 500cc twin-cylinder engine and a motorcycle type chassis, the original TMAX broke every rule in the book.

With 10 special editions launched between 2006 and 2016, the TMAX has maintained its dominant position as the best-selling scooter in Europe every year for the past 20 years – with nearly 300,000 units sold. It’s been an incredible journey, and to celebrate this remarkable achievement Yamaha has created 560 units of the very special TMAX 20th Anniversary.

The TMAX 20th Anniversary celebrates the continuing success of the world’s most successful Sport Scooter, and gives TMAXers the opportunity to own the ultimate version of this truly remarkable Yamaha.

Equipped with exclusive forged carbon boomerangs, heat shield and front fender, as well as a high specification heated seat with yellow stitching and a 20th anniversary logo – and featuring Tech Graphite colouring with bronze wheels – the TMAX 20th Anniversary is Yamaha’s ultimate Sport Scooter.

Each TMAX 20th Anniversary will be fitted with a numbered badge that confirms its exclusivity as one of just 560 units that have been manufactured. 

At a glance

• Unique forged carbon bodywork

• Special heated seat and heated grips

• Exclusive colour

• Powerful 560cc EURO5 compliant engine

• Dynamic and aggressive body design

• Electric screen

• Cruise control

• Integrated LED front flashers

• Fully-equipped with best-in-class specification

• Lightweight aluminium frame

• Traction Control System (TCS) and D-MODE

• Large storage space

• Smart Key operation

• Monotone TFT instrument panel

• Motorcycle-type suspension with optimised settings

• My TMAX Connect

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