Yamaha’s 2022 Racing Finale: The game plan, collective ambitions, and team beginnings

Date posted on September 30, 2022
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Every Hero origin story contains an inspiration to achieve greatness and to stand above others. In the Philippines, Yamaha has made a commitment to establishing Motorsports as a motorcycle manufacturer. It all began in 2010 when YMPH set out to create the first Filipino racing icon to ever compete in the MotoGP.


To help riders, race closer to their goals, Yamaha Grand Prix was established together with the Hero Creation Program. Within ten years of the YGP, Yamaha refined the riders to their highest level. The Filipino athletes are now competing in their final round of international contests for the current campaign, lifting the Philippine flag to victory. The Hero Creation initiative was created in 2010 because of YMPH’s desire to compete in MotoGP; Filipino racers can move closer to that goal in 2022.


Media partners and vloggers have shown their unwavering support for the teams as Yamaha Motor Philippines moves toward the season finale of the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and FIM Junior Grand Prix (FIM JrGP). The Filipino racing legends McKinley Kyle Paz (Yamaha Philippines Stylo Bike Racing Team), April King Mascardo, Gian Carlo Mauricio (UMA Racing MMR Yamaha Philippines Team), and J.E. Inguito (4S1M Yamaha Racing Team) created a fun and chill moment with everyone last Thursday at Craft Rock & Grill in Bonifacio Global City veering away from the tension and heat of the competitions. They were able to laugh a lot and unwind when personal secrets were also shared.


NEXT ON THE PATH. The conclusion and fresh starts.


Although there are only a few weeks remaining to compete for the titles, YMPH’s long-term goal remains. Kyle Paz, also known as “The Wonderboy,” will keep inspiring people and paving the road for all Filipino racers who wish to participate in the FIM JrGP. The ARRC adventure of Gian, Carlo, and JE was a successful beginning to the team’s goal of continuing to win the tournament in the future season.


The conclusion of this season marks the start of a new chapter, and Yamaha assures everyone that the Hero Creation Program will continue, not only to excite every racer but also to improve the perception of motorsports in the Philippines.

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credit: Yamaha Motor Philippines

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