YSS Suspension Automatic Trophy (160 AT)

Date posted on November 9, 2015
YSS Automatic Trophy

IRGP Update: The 160 Automatic Trophy class of the 9th Annual InsideRACING Grand Prix is sponsored by YSS Suspension. This category will be contested by Novice and Beginner riders. YSS from Thailand is a trusted brand of riders and teams around the world. It uses its more than 30 years of racing experience to produce top shock absorbers that meet ABE product standard from Germany and are certified under ISO 9001.

Established in 1983, YSS provides suspension products for cars, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, scooters and special purposes. YSS is a trusted name both in racing and daily motorcycling. The brand has service centers in Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and the USA which offer service and modification of shocks.

YSS Logo

Last January 2015, the YSS Experience and Seminar was held at the Carmona Race Track and YSS Research and Development Director Harrie
Essens and Racing Suspension Specialist Andre Stamsnijder were present. The background of the brand was explained and a lecture on suspension basics was given to racers and riders. A demonstration of the different settings in suspension tuning was also conducted. Locally, YSS supports riders Masato Fernando, John Emerson Inguito, Aljon Valencia, James Mendez, RR Espiritu Maiko Adapon and others. These riders can attest to the quality and reliability of YSS Suspension in every race they participate in.

YSS Action shot

Riders of Team Yamaha-Spec V sponsored by YSS Suspension

YSS Suspension is distributed in the country by Infiniteserv International.
IRGP9 YSS Suspension Automatic Trophy Provisional Entry List:
Jacq Buncio
Eane Jaye Sobretodo
Dan Carlos
James Amporias
John Edward Godoy
Edcel Corpuz
Robert Ryan Espiritu
Chimin Casals
Clyde Relativo
Real Buan

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