How much is a Ducati Diavel Lambo? 

Date posted on October 20, 2021
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Yesterday, Ducati Philippines handed the keys to the owner of  a limited production Diavel Lamborghini. It is one of only two units sold in the Philippines out of only a total of 630 units worldwide.

Ducati CEO and Alpha Brand Ambassador
Toti Alberto presenting the Diavel Lambo.

The exclusive turn over event was witbessed by select vloggers and media, Ducati Philippines executives and the lucky owner’s friends and family. The officers and a few members of the local Ducati Diavel Owners Group were also present to welcome its newest member.

The unit was #621 out of 630 worldwide!

Lamborghini is an exotic Italian supercar brand  based in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Since the early 1960’s it rivaled another famous Italian supercar brand based in Modena. It is famous for iconic supercars like the Miura, Espada,Countach, Murcielago, Diablo, Aventador, Gallardo, Huracan and lately the Urus super SUV.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign,
Taurus the bull.

It was founded in 1963 by then successful tractor builder Ferruccio Lambhorghini. He bought a Ferrari and complained to Enzo Ferrari himself about the car’s weak clutch.  Enzo said, “Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor, but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari.” Because of that insult, a furius Lamborghini established his own car company to create the “perfect car” that would rival Ferrari in terms of performance, luxury and prestige. The company’s logo featured a bull, a reference to Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign, Taurus the bull.

One of the famous raging bulls, the iconuc Lamborghini Countach of the 1970’s

In 1998 Lamborghini was sold to the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. Ducati was also acquired by Audi in 2012.

Hence, the Ducati Diavel Lamborghi limited edition model was a logical exercise to further strengthen both companies’  image as exotic, fast, and lustful Italian vehicles.

The Diavel Lambo is a 1260S embelished with design and material treatment inspired by the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 car giving it a Lambo personality. The car itself was also limited with only 63 units produced worldwide.

The Diavel Lambo were sold at a P2.420 M a piece. A bit high for a motorcycle but a bargain for Lamborghi fans because even the regular Lambo cars would approximately cost at least P25M upwards locally. Having a piece of machinery with the famous raging bull mark is something special.

Official Press Release

Ducati Philippines has launched and handed over 1 of 2 here in the Philippines to a very lucky Ducatista. The only one in Luzon and the other 1 in Visayas by the end of the week.

The Shape of Style
The Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini was born from the collaboration between two prestigious brands that have their roots in Motor Valley, the land in Emilia-Romagna within which can be found many of the world’s most significant companies in the automotive sector, made in a limited and numbered edition of 630 units 
To carry out this project, Ducati designers chose to be inspired by the Sián FKP 37, the most prestigious car ever made by Lamborghini: available in only 63 units, each of which personalized to specific customer requests, it is a masterpiece of exclusivity, design and innovation. It is inspired by the Countach, has razor-sharp lines, aerodynamic elegance and an unmistakable silhouette. Producing combined thermal and electric power of 819 hp (602 kW), the Sián FKP 37 is the most powerful Lamborghini ever produced.

Details that make the difference
Ducati and Lamborghini are Italian excellences that share values such as sportiness, attention to design and a meticulous devotion to detail. Starting from this common basis, the Ducati designers have chosen to be inspired in this special project by one of the most fascinating models of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company, the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37.

Limited and numbered edition of 630 units
A motorcycle made in a limited and numbered edition of 630 units and destined to win the hearts of motorcyclists and collectors from all over the world.
Unconventional, unique, unmistakable. The Diavel is the model of the Ducati range able to amaze enthusiasts with its personality, with the road behaviour of a naked sport thanks to a thoroughbred sports engine and with its design, which has made it an icon of style and ‘Made in Italy’ and for which it has received prestigious international recognition such as the ‘Red Dot Award’ and ‘Good Design Award’.

Made starting from the base of the Diavel 1260 S, the Diavel Lamborghini was conceived by transferring the basic concepts of the design of the Sián FKP 37 to the motorcycle world and by redesigning the components that most characterize the Diavel. 
First of all, the forged wheels, light and with a new design, which explicitly recall those of the car, but also the air intakes and radiator covers, made of carbon fibre, and designed by superimposing floating elements on the main structure of the bike.

Exclusive Livery
The livery of the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is the result of the joint work between the Centro Stile Ducati and the Centro Stile Lamborghini. 

The paints applied to the bike are in fact exactly the same as those used for the Sián FKP 37, with the bodywork characterized by the “Gea Green” colour, while the frame, the undertray and the forged rims are embellished by the use of “Electrum Gold” colour. The typical Ducati Red is recalled by the colouring of the Brembo brake calipers.

The livery is characterized by the presence of 63, an important number for the Sant’Agata Bolognese company, which was founded in 1963. Multiplying this number by ten, you get the 630 numbered copies of the model that Ducati will produce.
All the details of the bike that have been redesigned by the Centro Stile Ducati for this specific project are made of a light and precious material such as carbon fibre, also in this case inspired by the car.  
In addition to the radiator covers and air intakes, the silencer cover, spoiler, central tank cover, seat cover, front and rear mudguards, dashboard cover and headlight frame are also made of carbon.

Important identifying elements of Lamborghini design are the hexagon and the “Y” motif. This special version of the Diavel pays homage to the former in the shape of the exhaust and the latter thanks to the aesthetic details created on the seat.

Attention to detail

The attention to detail applied to this model can be seen right from the start-up phase, when the logos of the two brands appear on the dashboard with the TFT screen, accompanied by the silhouette of the Diavel Lamborghini .

The Centro Stile Ducati has designed a special helmet with graphics coordinated with that of the bike. 

Testastretta DVT Engine
The heart of the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is the 1262 cc Ducati Testastretta DVT with variable timing. This Euro 5 homologated engine (only for countries where Euro 5 standard applies) can deliver 162 hp at 9,500 rpm and 129 Nm (13.2 kgm) at 7,500 rpm with a flat torque curve right from medium-low revs, which always guarantees a vigorous and energetic response. 

High performance at maximum comfort
Some of the key features of the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini are the typical “power cruiser” riding position and ergonomics of the Diavel model, along with the exposed tubular steel trellis frame, the 240 mm wide rear tyre, the single-sided aluminium swingarm and the fully adjustable Öhlins suspensions at the front and rear. 
The chassis guarantees high levels of handling and lean angles, but also an excellent level of comfort.

Sophisticated electronics ensure both high-level performance and maximum safety. Bosch’s 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (6D IMU) platform is able to instantly detect the speed and acceleration of the motorcycle and allows the operation of many of the control devices fitted to the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini. 
The electronic package includes Bosch Cornering ABS EVO, Ducati Traction Control EVO (DTC), Ducati Wheelie Control EVO (DWC), Ducati Power Launch EVO (DPL) and Cruise Control.

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