LTO Issues Guidelines for Bicycle Lanes

Date posted on June 8, 2021
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The number of cyclists are continuously increasing as bicycles have been a mode of transportation and a means of earning income in the new normal. Many have also made bicycle riding a hobby and nowadays, it is normal to see a lot of cyclists plying the roads.

The Land Transportation Office has posted a public advisory regarding the guidelines and protocols for drivers in the operation of motorcycles, cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles.

Here are the guidelines for bicycle lanes.

1. No motor vehicle shall be allowed to either cross or park into bicycle lanes or pedestrian lanes.

2. Give sufficient clearance and watch your speed when passing. Avoid blowing of horns to cyclists.

3. Be extra careful when turning at intersection. Use signal lights and scan side mirrors before turning.

4. Open doors with care. Make sure there is no cyclists approaching before opening the door.

5. Check blind spots. Always be aware of cyclists approaching in every direction.

“The following guidelines in the operation of motorcycles, cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles are being implemented to enable the efficient and safe usage of non-motorized transportation,” said the LTO.

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