Mama MIO: Stance Street Bike Fusion Show Scoot by Northside Lowered

Date posted on July 1, 2021
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This Stance Street Bike Fusion Show scoot is built by Northside Lowered headed by Joemon Cadampog together with Clint Nuneza and Jeovany Gucela.


The bike is owned by Alfredo Tiongson aka “Robin Right”, a radio DJ production supervisor and a club DJ for 2 decades. He is the owner of A/T Cebu Magical Moments Pro sounds, lights and stage effects.

“I love anything with wheels. I started modifying bikes when I met an old friend Andy Oliveros and the rest is history. For this build, I collaborated with the Northside Lowered Crew. Building this bike was filled with challenges starting with choosing the right theme, the concept, the color and the time in collecting the parts. “Mama MIO” took us more than a year to build considering the pandemic and the financial constraints. It entailed a lot of hard work and sacrifices to finish this build project. Now I can finally get a good night’s sleep as during the build I tend to focus on it and couldn’t sleep and couldn’t stop thinking of the things I need to work on. But i twas certainly worth it when people appreciate your build and see the effort and dedication behind it,” Alfredo shared.

The Northside Lowered Crew spared no expense to add impeccable detail to the scoot starting with the full chrome chassis, chromed lightened crankcase, chromed lightened grab bar, and chromed gas tank. The scoot also sports Daytona violet chromed mags wrapped with 45/90/14 tires, violet chromed intake, titanium bolts and violet chromed starter. The crew made huge upgrades to the engine starting with the 59 piston big valve Spec V 25/29 valve, PZ Tech V2 valve cap, 28 mm carb, Faito ignition coil, RS8 pulley set, V4 center spring, NCY 1500 rpm clutch spring, NCY 1500 rpm clutch bell and chromed flywheel and finished it off with an OR1 pipe. The major fairings of the scoot were custompainted by Erik Degoro.

Alfredo expressed, “I would like to give credit to Sir Arnel of InsideRACING who inspires enthusiasts like us to polish our craft, A/T Magical Moments, Frecaluck Industries, Cebu Visayas Fish, Trading, Accert Talisay Chapter, Mr. Shine Carwash, S oil, and S&E. Special Thanks to The Real Bros. The Bad Fat Ass, Sagidaz, Mid Coast Crew, The Northside Lowered Crew, Victor Davin, Cadampog Family, Jose Rey, Fe, Eduard, Catherine, Lucky Rey and Tan family, Zamiel, Roesse and Anton. Thank you to Sir Al Camba and the InsideRACING Team for featuring my scoot and to my Mama in heaven who I always miss and gets me going every day, this one goes out to you and cheers to Mama MIO!!!”

Parts and Accessories Used:

• Full chrome chassis
• Chromed lightened crankcase
• Chromed lightened grab bar
• Chromed gas tank
• Daytona violet chromed mags wrapped with
45/90/14 tires
• Violet chromed intake
• Violet chromed starter

Engine specs:
• 59 piston big valve Spec V 25/29 valve
• PZ tech V2 valve cap
• 28 mm carb
• Faito ignition coil
• RS8 pulley set
• V4 center spring
• NCY 1500 rpm clutch spring
• NCY 1500 rpm clutch bell
• Chromed flywheel
• Spec V v2
• OR1 pipe
• Titanium bolts

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