Top 5 things you should know about the new BMW F900R

Date posted on July 28, 2020
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Are you looking to buy a sporty naked middleweight big bike? Here are the Top 5 things we think you should know about BMW’s brilliant new F900 R.

1. Easy to Ride

F900 R Style Sport variant

Despite looking muscular and tall, the F900R feels very light on its feet to ride. Its precise and light handling, not too tall seat height, light clutch effort combined with an accurate and smooth gear shifting (aided by anti hop clutch) give the rider confidence. The Riding Modes even further gives options to suit his or her mood or road conditions for more confidence and safety. It is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders.

2. Superb Engine

The new 895cc twin is designed to feel and sound like a V twin engine. It is not only characterful but also very strong (developing 95 hp and 92Nm of TQ) with smooth power delivery. It does not vibrate a lot at high rpms and you could hardly feel it at idle This is also one of the nicest sounding parallel-twin engine in the market. You can best describe it as a pleasant bark and not locomotive or sewing machine whine.

3. Desireable full color TFT dash

Big TFT screen has display options

The large 6.5 inch dash is very attractive with vivid color display and easy to read graphic interface. All the adjustments and vehicle settings can be done thru this screen. It is easily manipulated by a Multi Selector dial on the left handlebar that lets you pair your phone via bluetooth to navigate, play music or take a call.

For the Sport variant with the Dynamic Pro feature, you can even measure and record all your ride data when you do a track day. This is actually similar to the one found on more expensive S1000R models.

The delight that you will feel when you see the screen everytime you hop on the bike is priceless.

4. Comfortable for daily ride

It’s almost a liter bike but the F900R is compact and comforatble to ride. The low seat height is ideal for the average Asian build and taller riders can opt for a taller seat. The electronic suspension in ‘Road’ setting is comfortable and stable and not soggy feeling. It absorbs typical Manila road imperfections well.

The standard ergonomics is ideal for stop and go traffic as well as for long highway cruises. You sit upright with good control and vision. Also, when stuck in heavy traffic, the engine heat does not intrude your legs or give you any heat soak discomfort, unlike other tempremental big aircooled bikes. You can actually use it everyday for commuting.

5. Not as expensive as you think

F900 R Standard variant

Even if you are not in the market for a premium brand because of price, the F900 R might sway your decision.

The Standard version is only P675,000 and comes with all around LED lighting, Keyless Start, Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Riding Modes (Road and Rain )while the top of the line Style Sport is only 100,000 more at P775,000 and is equipped with additional features like engine drag torque control (MSR), Shift Assist quick shifter, Electronic Suspension Adjustment (Dynamic ESA), Adaptive turning headlights, Dynamic PRO Riding Modes, Dynamic Brake Control, ABS Pro, and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). This electronic suite is not even found in some mainstream brand bikes for nearly the same price.

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