2021 Yamaha Mio Aerox and NMAX with Y-Connect First Ride Review

Date posted on March 4, 2021
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Members of the motoring media were invited by Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) last February 27 to their plant in Malvar, Batangas for a test ride of their new offerings.

The night before that, Yamaha held a virtual launch of the new Mio Aerox and NMAX powered by Y-Connect, a state-of-the-art application developed by Yamaha that links you with your motorcycle (only for models powered by Y-Connect). It has a variety of features (Revs Dashboard, Fuel Consumption Tracker, Parking Location, Treatment Recommendation, Malfunction Notification, Phone, E-mail and Message Notification and Ranking: Mileage and Eco Riding Point) all specially developed for the needs of every rider.

With assistance from YMPH personnel, the media paired their smartphones to the Aerox and NMAX and were able to experience the features of Y-Connect while riding the two new scooters in the test ride course. YMPH personnel called and messaged the media during the test ride for them to experience the Phone, E-mail and Message Notification feature of Y-Connect. There was also a rough road part in the test ride area for the TCS feature of the new NMAX.

Here are the quick impressions of InsideRACING’s Publisher-Editor, Mr. Al Camba, about the new Mio Aerox and NMAX with Y-Connect.

Mio Aerox 155

“The styling is a good facelift from the old model especially the headlamps that make it more elegant. The original Aerox looked aggressive; the new one is less tame but looks just as sporty. The new digital dash looks great! The new color options are good with choices of matte or glossy paints. My favorite of course is the red one. I surmise that there will be more sporty color options in a few months for the S version since it is now locally produced. Maybe MotoGP-inspired Aerox S are in the pipeline. Riding ergonomics and dynamics are the same.

In the short test ride area, I was not able to notice the slight power increase from the revised engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA).

It is good that both variants have Y-Connect as standard equipment. You just download a free Y-Connect app from App Store/Google Play and pair your phone via Bluetooth. Call and message notifications on the dash were something new. You don’t need to mount your phone on the bars to be connected. Somehow less distracting for you and less clutter, that is of course if you don’t use the phone for navigation.”

NMAX 155

“This is what many people will refer to as V2.1. Appearance and engine-wise, there is no difference between this one and the 2020 version released just six months ago. Both still has the same engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) that gives that satisfying push when you reach 6,000 rpm.

The highlight new features are the Y-Connect and the Traction Control System on the ABS model only. The non ABS model is exactly the same except for colors. I enjoyed the new Traction Control feature as it is very noticeable on the loose and gravelly road that was part of the test ride area. Riding back-to-back a unit without Traction Control makes you really appreciate the safety feature as the non TCS NMAX or Aerox would slip and slide as the rear struggles for traction while on the one with Traction Control, you just open the throttle and the bike will just roll on smoothly.

Together with the Dual wheel ABS, the NMAX is one of the safest mini maxi scooters to ride around. The Y-Connect is the same feature as with the Aerox, although this time it is only available on the high-end variant. It takes some time getting used to pair your phone especially when the signal is weak but over time it becomes natural. Again, the call and message notifications functioned perfectly. You can actually choose the notification settings beyond call and SMS to include whatever app you like to be notified with such as Viber, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. It depends on what you need.

For me, with the Traction Control System plus Y-Connect and the new colors (Icon Gray is super cool!), the price increase of the new NMAX is worth it. And of course, the important bragging rights that you own a V2.1!”

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